Be part of the electric revolution!

Park Consult are working with a market leading charging point service provider to source new sites to install electric charging points.

Sales of plug-in vehicles are up over 1,000 per cent from 2014 levels. The government is forecasting there will be 1.5 million plug-in vehicles on the road by 2020. For every 10 electric vehicles, one charging point is needed.

For 1.5 million vehicles, 150,000 charging points are required. The demand to charge vehicles is going to increase exponentially over the next five years. Park Consult is looking for potential new sites, alongside a charging point service provider


Generate significant revenue streams

Potential zero capital outlay

Attract new customers

Grow competitive advantage

Enhance green credentials via carbon offsetting

Support your employees and visitors in going green

All sites considered, ideally locations with high traffic flow or long dwell times, shopping/ leisure centres, pay and display car parks or arterial roads, Should you have any charging point requirements or wish to discuss any sites you think might be suitable please get in touch. Contact Richard Ofield on 01332 901592 or email

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