Car parking is a fundamental part of any town centre and the way car parks operate and the experience motorists encounter can directly affect the vitality of a town centre. Until now councils, business improvement district managers, car parking managers and economic regeneration officers have had few cost-effective and independent opportunities to objectively review parking operations to assess weakness and identify improvements.

Park Consult and People & Places Partnership have come together to form People, Place & Parking Process to provide such groups with cost effective consultancy, to assist in unlocking the potential of car parking facilities to in turn better contribute to the development of vibrant town centres.

The People & Places Partnership are experts in the field of town centre regeneration and here at Park Consult we have extensive experience in commercial car parking management. This blend of experience and knowledge and experience is perfectly suited to provide a comprehensive review that pulls together all relevant stakeholders.

The People, Places and Parking Process is tailored to suit a town’s requirements, from an initial review to bespoke surveying and analysis. Importantly, the approach also brings together different stakeholders and deals with the breadth of issues affecting how parking affects people’s perceptions of place. It provides a chance to help review, monitor and develop parking environments to support the town centre and in a way that can be tailored to the depth of review and budget requirements.

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People, Places & Parking Process